Comparison of circulating MV levels in burns and sepsis patient survivors and non-survivors.

<p>Levels of MV subtypes were compared between burns patients that recovered (survivors, n = 10) or died in burns ICU (non-survivors, n = 5) (<b>A</b>) and sepsis patients that recovered (n = 11) or died (n = 4) in the general ICU (<b>B</b>). Data are log-transformed and analyzed by t tests (for burns: leukocyte-, granulocyte- and monocyte-derived MVs; sepsis: leukocyte- and granulocyte-derived MVs; mean ± SD) or Mann-Whitney U tests (for the remainder; median ± interquartile range). Levels of total leukocyte- and granulocyte-derived MVs were higher in burns non-survivors than survivors, **<i>p</i> < 0.01.</p>