Comparison of Open Access Software Engineering and Information Systems Journals

2014-03-28T12:15:44Z (GMT) by Daniel Graziotin
<p>This dataset is a comparison of peer reviewed, DOAJ-listed journals in Information Systems and Software Engineering. </p> <p>It has been employed in the upcoming article:</p> <p>Graziotin, D., Wang, X., & Abrahamsson, P. (2014). A framework for systematic analysis of open access journals and its application in software engineering and information systems. Scientometrics. In Press.</p> <p>We released it here as open data.</p> <p>Please contact the author of this dataset, Daniel Graziotin [graziotin AT inf DOT unibz DOT it] for corrections to the data. In case of correction request, please provide the correction itself and the source.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p>