Comparative genomics of NADs, iNADs, lamina-associated domains (LADs) and inter-LADs (iLADs) uncovers NAD-specific genomic features.

<p>(<b>A</b>) Venn diagrams and Jaccard coefficients show the extent of overlap between NADs and LADs. LAD1: LADs of Tig3 cells [<a href="" target="_blank">44</a>], LAD2 and LAD3: LADs of IMR90 cells [<a href="" target="_blank">24</a>,<a href="" target="_blank">25</a>]. (<b>B</b>) Bar graphs show Gencode v19 and UniProt gene frequencies in NADs (red), iNADs (grey), LADs (black), and iLADs (white) based on UCSC Table Browser data. (<b>C</b>) RefSeq gene (ZNF, OR and DEF indicate zinc finger, olfactory receptor and defensin gene families, respectively) frequencies in NADs, iNADs, LADs, and iLADs. (<b>D</b>) Non-coding RNA gene (‘RNA genes’) and (<b>E</b>) repeat frequencies in NADs, iNADs, LADs, and iLADs. The SINE repeat bars are divided with a horizontal line into MIR (bottom) and Alu (top) sub-groups.</p>