Combination of Asymmetric Organo- and Biocatalytic Reactions in Organic Media Using Immobilized Catalysts in Different Compartments

A proof of concept for the combination of an asymmetric organocatalytic reaction with a biotransformation toward a “one-pot like” process for 1,3-diols based on immobilized organo- and biocatalysts, which are utilized in different compartments, is demonstrated. This process which runs completely in organic media consists of an initial proline-derivative-catalyzed aldol reaction and a subsequent reduction of the aldol adduct catalyzed by an alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) without the need for intermediate isolation. Economically attractive superabsorber-based coimmobilization for the ADH and its cofactor NAD+ turned out to give a highly efficient biocatalyst with excellent reusability and simple product separation from the immobilizate under avoidance of any tedious extraction steps during the overall process.