Colour scheme an exploration of the indeterminate space of colour

2017-02-22T02:03:36Z (GMT) by Varga, Tania Elke
Colour Scheme examines the potential for colour to be understood as a relational and therefore, indeterminate space. The CMYK process colour model is reworked to investigate the idea of colour as an indeterminate space. In proposing that process colour can be understood as a fluid and relational system I draw attention to the unquantifiable and qualitative nature of colour. Colour can be understood as a verb, and as such may be thought of as an active substance. This understanding of colour acknowledges that the mind is a co-contributor in the process of cognition. Colour may be viewed as an indeterminate substance because it exists in relation to its surroundings, and the eye and mind of the perceiver. Colour Scheme consists of three associated and interconnected bodies of work. The first body of work explores the potential for process colour to be understood as a fluid and relational system. The second body of work consists of a series of colour actions that attempt to rework or reframe elements of colour theory. The final project is a reflection on the practice of identifying, naming and marketing the most indeterminate of colures, the colour grey. The understanding that colour can be experienced as a qualitative, relational and indeterminate space recognizes that vision is an open-ended process. Colour is an agent that has the potential to deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.