Code and Data for FEMRIO Version 1.0 EXIOfuturesIEAETP

<p>This is the code and data used for the model described in <strong>Wiebe, K.S., Bjelle, E., Többen, J., & Wood, R. (2018) Implementing exogenous scenarios in a global MRIO model for the estimation of future environmental footprints</strong>. <em>Journal of Economic Structures</em>. Forthcoming in Special Thematic Series on "Method development in EEIOA – novel advances and best practices" (this description will be updated with the doi for the paper as soon as it is available).</p> <p>Please cite this paper along with the doi of this software/dataset.</p> <p>The code, not the data, is also available on <a href=""></a> .</p> <p>*************************************************************<br> FEMRIO Model </p> <p>F orward-looking<br> E nvironmentally-extended<br> M ulti-<br> R egional<br> I nput-<br> O utput<br> Model                                                        </p> <p>FEMRIO Version 1.0  EXIOfuturesIEAETP<br> Historic data: EXIOBASE3<br>      <br>      <br> Scenario data: IEA Energy Technology Perspectives 2015<br>                     <br> *************************************************************</p>