Coagulation with moringa oleifera seed prepared by different methods in water turbity of 20 to 100 UNT

ABSTRACT Moringa oleifera seeds comprise cationic proteins and can be used as efficient coagulant in the clarification of water for human consumption. The objective was to identify the best method of preparation of Moringa oleifera, the best time to sedimentation and the optimum concentration for different values of affluent turbidity. For concentrations of 100 to 500 mg L-1, seed was peeled, crushed, sieved and diluted (method 1); dried, crushed, sieved, diluted and filtered (method 2); crushed, sieved, diluted and filtered (method 3). The Jartest assays were performed in triplicate for each method in water with turbidity of 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 NTU and sedimentation kinetics to 30, 60, 90 and 150 min. There were no significant differences in turbidity between the methods after F test and Student’s t-test. However, the filter can prevent fouling and increase of organic matter to treated water. The use of Moringa oleifera produces efficient decrease in turbidity in waters above 40 NTU. The maximum time for sedimentation was 129.6 min, to 90.5% remove of turbidity.