Co-operative induction of apoptosis by ABT-199 with etoposide and AC220.

<p>Cells were incubated with 10 nM ABT-199 (199, turquoise), 10 nM pladienolide B (PLB, red), 1 μM torin1 (green), 1 μM etoposide (orange) and 10 nM AC220 (mauve) or the indicated combinations (bright blue bar, height = effect with both agents in combination–sum of effects with agents individually). <b>(A)</b> After 4 hours cells were fixed and processed for Cytochrome C release. <b>(B)</b> After 4 hours DiOC6 was added for a further 75 minutes and 7-amino actinomycin D for the last 30 minutes. (Mean+/- SD for n = 3). Fold excess additivism (FEA) is shown on the figures and was calculated as a ratio of observed to expected values after corrections according to the Bliss algorithm (see <a href="" target="_blank">methods</a>). Asterisks indicate observed values significantly higher than expected values (P<0.05).</p>