City of Latina panorama, Italy

2016-11-24T15:16:28Z (GMT) by Robert G. Harland
The city of Latina, formerly known as Littoria, was established on 18 December 1932, and became the capital of the newly established Littoria Province on 18 December 1934. The urban layout and siting of the main buildings in the city centre was designed by architect Oriolo Frezzotti in a matter of months. Taken from the skyscraper, Torre Pontina, this view looks towards the main square, Piazza del Popolo (formerly Piazza del Littorio) in the centre of the image. The square is surrounded by the city hall, government offices (such as the former Opera Nazionale Dopolavoro, now Circolo Cittadino), former hotel 'Albergo Italia' and the financial buildings. The cathedral is located to the far right.