Choice history biases subsequent evidence accumulation

Code and data for
Urai AE, de Gee JW, Tsetsos K, Donner TH (2018) Choice history biases subsequent evidence accumulation. bioRxiv:251595.

• raw data files have the name of each dataset (see Figure 2 and Methods for details)
_hddmfits.csv has single-subject and group-level MAP estimates for all models described in the paper. group-level estimates are listed under subjnr 'nan'. column names indicate parameter_modelname.
_gsquarefits.csv, same as above but for non-hierarchical g-square fits (Supplementary Figure 4a). rather than a group-level DIC value, each individual fit lists a BIC and likelihood estimate,
visual_motion_2afc_fd_motion-energy-filter.mat, single-trial timecourses of motion energy (up - down) estimated from frame-by-frame dot coordinates.
• visual_motion_2afc_fd_extendedfits.csv, fits for all extended models (Figure 6). column names indicate model type and parameter estimate for each subject.