Chemical constituents from the fruits of <i>Psoralea corylifolia</i> and their protective effects on ionising radiation injury

<p>Two new flavonoids, corylifol F (<b>1</b>) and corylifol G (<b>2</b>), together with 19 known compounds, were isolated from the fruits of <i>Psoralea corylifolia</i> L.. The structures of these compounds were determined by interpretation of spectroscopic data and comparison with literature properties. The radioprotective effects of the isolated compounds against ionising radiation damage were also evaluated <i>in vitro</i>. The results showed that corylifol A exhibited radioprotective effects in both HBL-100 and MCF-7 cells, while psoralen, isopsoralen, corylifol C and bakuchiol showed obvious selective action to protect HBL-100 cells against damage caused by ionising radiation.</p>