Chemical composition and biological activities of rhizome and fruit rind oils of <i>Alpinia mutica</i> from south India

<p>Volatile oils from dry rhizomes and fruit rinds of <i>Alpinia mutica</i> were isolated and characterized by GC-FID and GC-MS. <i>A. mutica</i> rhizome oil showed forty-seven components of which forty (92.8%) were characterized, and the major components were β-pinene (20.2%), camphor (13.3%), 1,8-cineole (8.9%), camphene (7.9%) and α-pinene (6.2%). Fruit rind essential oil showed sixty-nine components of which sixty-three (97.8%) were identified. Major constituents in <i>A. mutica</i> fruit rind oil were 1,8-cineole (14.8%), camphor (11.7%), β-pinene (7.6%) and camphene (4.8%). Four major constituents in both <i>A. mutica</i> rhizome and fruit rind oils (camphene, β-pinene, 1,8-cineole, camphor) were estimated by external standardization. Refractive index, specific rotation and specific gravity of both volatile oils were determined. Fruit rind oil showed significant antioxidant, cytotoxic and moderate antimicrobial activities. <i>A. mutica</i> dry fruit rind oil has a very pleasant smell with potential applications in fragrances.</p>