Chemical Ordering in Bimetallic FeCo Nanoparticles: From a Direct Chemical Synthesis to Application As Efficient High-Frequency Magnetic Material

Single-crystalline FeCo nanoparticles with tunable size and shape were prepared by co-decomposing two metal-amide precursors under mild conditions. The nature of the ligands introduced in this organometallic synthesis drastically affects the reactivity of the precursors and, thus, the chemical distribution within the nanoparticles. The presence of the B2 short-range order was evidenced in FeCo nanoparticles prepared in the presence of HDAHCl ligands, combining 57Fe Mössbauer, zero-field 59Co ferromagnetic nuclear resonance (FNR), and X-ray diffraction studies. This is the first time that the B2 structure is directly formed during synthesis without the need of any annealing step. The as-prepared nanoparticles exhibit magnetic properties comparable with the ones for the bulk (Ms = 226 Am2·kg–1). Composite magnetic materials prepared from these FeCo nanoparticles led to a successful proof-of-concept of the integration on inductor-based filters (27% enhancement of the inductance value at 100 MHz).