Characterization of the use of Building Information Modeling in the Distrito Federal, Brazil

Abstract The objective of this study is to characterize, for the first time, the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) by contractors in the Distrito Federal. The main aim is to obtain local data that, after comparing it with national and international data, may express the real situation of BIM in this area. Its periodic repetition and replication in other places may identify tendencies and peculiarities whose knowledge may result in actions that enhance the diffusion of BIM. This research was based on answers obtained from electronic questionnaires sent by email to local construction professionals. The Relative Importance Index was used in part of the data in order to consider the frequency of the answers and their values. The results indicate a low implementation level and mainly superficial uses. In the Discussion section, the possible relations and consequences between the adoption and use of technology, its implementation difficulties, future expectations and personal characteristics of the professionals interviewed and their companies are explored.