Characterization of physicochemical composition, microbiology, sensory evaluation and microscopical attributes of sweetened condensed milk

<div><p>Abstract An analysis of nine sweetened condensed milk brands allowed for the identification of statistically significant difference in moisture, water activity (aw), soluble solids, percentage of protein, lactose crystals size, viscosity and in sensorial attributes of texture, characteristic flavor and flour texture. Relevant correlations between the composition and sensorial attributes were determined. Eighty percent of the samples presented of yeast from <0.6 logCFU.g-1 to 4.7 logCFU.g-1 and seventy percent presented of coagulase-negative staphylococcus from <3.1 log CFU.g-1 to 5.7 log CFU.g-1. These results attest the demand for more controls and investments to provide the market with a safe and standardized product.</p></div>