Character classification data for license plates

<b>Licence Plate Character Classification Data</b><br><br>Authors:<br>Rohit Rawat, Dr. M. T. Manry, Fernando Martinez<br>Image Processing and Neural Networks Lab<br>The University of Texas at Arlington<br><u></u><br><br>This dataset has 49 numerical features extracted from character images extracted from license plate images. The dataset has 12757 images extracted from plate images split into training and testing sets. The data has 36 output classes belonging to letters 'A' to 'Z' excluding the characters 'O' and 'Q', numbers '0' to '9', and two state map characters.<br><br>Data is tab separated, one line per example, with the correct class between 1 and 36 at the end of the line.<br><br>This data should be cited as:<br><div><p>Rawat, Rohit; Manry, M.T.; Martinez, Fernando (2016): Character classification data for license plates. figshare.<a href=""></a></p></div><a target="_blank"></a><br><br>