Cembranoids from the Octocoral <i>Sarcophyton ehrenbergi</i>

Chemical investigation of the octocoral <i>Sarcophyton ehrenbergi</i> led to the isolation of six new cembranoids, (+)-12-carboxy-11<i>Z</i>-sarcophytoxide (<b>1</b>), (+)-12-methoxycarbonyl-11<i>Z</i>-sarcophine (<b>3</b>), ehrenberoxides A−C (<b>4</b>−<b>6</b>), and lobophynin C (<b>2</b>), along with two known compounds, (+)-sarcophytoxide (<b>7</b>) and (+)-sarcophine (<b>8</b>). The structures of these isolated metabolites were elucidated through extensive spectroscopic analyses, while the relative configuration of <b>1</b> was confirmed by X-ray diffraction analyses. The chemical evidence combined with spectroscopic and physical data suggested that the locations of the epoxide and the methyl carboxylate for lobophynin C should be exchanged. Moreover, metabolites <b>1</b>−<b>6</b> were evaluated in vitro for their cytotoxicity against selected cancer and normal cells lines, antiviral activity against human cytomegalovirus, and antibacterial activity against <i>Salmonella enteritidis</i>.