Categories of websites blocked by UK universities

2014-07-16T20:02:35Z (GMT) by Daniel Payne
<p>Some universities in the UK block websites using third-party content filtering software. This software offers various categories of filtering (eg. "pornography", "gambling", "weapons" etc.) and a university selects which of these categories it would like to block. This table lists some of the categories those universities have chosen to filter on their network. The lists of categories for each institution were obtained under freedom of information requests made in June 2014. If categories are listed for an institution, this does not necessairily mean all computers on that university network block these categories, but at least some of their computers do. This is a non-exhaustive, work-in-progress list of universities, since not all universities were contacted. If any information is incorrect, or you have information from a universitiy which isn't listed, let me know and I will update it. </p>