Canine conjunctival angiokeratoma: case report

2017-10-01T09:34:04Z (GMT) by J.O.T. Souza A.F.P.F. Wouk
<p></p><p>ABSTRACT Angiokeratomas have been described as tumors of vascular origin, similar to hemangioma but with participation of adjacent epithelium and less frequent in dogs. In this case we have reported an adult, male, Border Collie dog presenting a localized and hyperemic mass with protrusion surface and well vascularized region of temporal bulbar conjunctiva of the right eye (OD). Complete ocular examination and ocular ultrasound have revealed no involvement of other ocular structures beyond the conjunctiva. A partial conjuntivectomy was surgically performed, tissue material sent for histological analysis and angiokeratoma diagnosis was accurately made. Surgical procedure with a safety tissue margin has shown adequate treatment efficiency, with no neoplasia recurrence to date.</p><p></p>