Candidates for genes differentially expressed in mutants Δ and Δ

2011-12-30T17:18:28Z (GMT) by Jeffrey P Townsend Daniel L Hartl

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Taken from "Bayesian analysis of gene expression levels: statistical quantification of relative mRNA level across multiple strains or treatments"

Genome Biology 2002;3(12):research0071.1-research0071.16.

Published online 20 Nov 2002


Copyright © 2002 Townsend and Hartl, licensee BioMed Central Ltd

is an example of a gene that should not be inferred to be differentially expressed on the basis of this microarray data despite a greater than twofold difference in estimated expression level. Credible intervals for gene expression of in Δ and Δ mutants do not overlap with the credible interval for wild-type gene expression, but have extensive overlap with each other. Two genes detected by BAGEL as differentially expressed in the two mutants.



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