Calling songs of Clinopsalta cicadas

2017-09-06T02:26:59Z (GMT) by Lindsay Popple
Audio recordings of new and previously described <i>Clinopsalta</i> cicadas, including <i>Clinopsalta adelaida</i> (Ashton), <i>Clinopsalta autumna</i> (Popple & Emery) and <i>Clinopsalta semilunata</i> (Popple & Emery), as illustrated in Popple and Emery (2017). The equipment used to obtain and process these recordings is detailed in Popple and Emery (2017). Recordings are presented in *.wav file format. High Pass FFT filtering has been applied (up to 6 kHz) in some instances to remove background noise whilst also preserving the cicada calls. All recordings have been made by L. W. Popple with the exception of "Clinopsalta_semilunata_Chinchilla.wav", which was made by A. Ewart and has been included in this collection with permission.