CaSR expression in WKY- and SHR-vSMVCs.

<p>(A) Representative morphometric aspect of confluent vSMC cultures from normotensive rats (WKY) and spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) (magnification x 10; scale bar: 300 μM). The cells were plated and morphologically examined three different times in the same experimental conditions. (B) Representative pattern of electrophoretic bands (170–100, 70–55 and 40–25 kDa) that results from immunoblotting analysis of CaSR expression in WKY- and SHR-vSMCs lysates and its negative (NC, HEK293 empty vector transfected control cell lysate) and positive (PC, HEK293 CaSR transiently transfected cell lysate) controls. (C) Representative images of α-SMA flow cytometry analysis in WKY-and SHR-vSMCs and secondary antibody alone (control).</p>