CTB binds to fucosylated structures expressed on human granulocytes.

<p><b>(A)</b> Representative histograms from flow cytometry analysis of CTB- (red) and OVA- (white) binding to cell types in human peripheral blood. <b>(B)</b> Bar graphs show the geometric mean fluorescent index (gMFI) of CTB binding (with OVA gMFI subtracted) to human whole blood (n = 8) and murine splenocytes (n = 4–6). Each dot represents one donor/mouse. <b>(C)</b> gMFI of CTB and OVA binding to the different cell types from human whole blood. Each pair of dots represents one donor. <b>(D-E)</b> Histogram and bar graph (n = 8) showing blocking of CTB binding to human granulocytes by pre-treating CTB with <b>(D)</b> L-, D-fucose and D-galactose or <b>(E)</b> with the lectins AAL or MAL-II. <b>(F)</b> Histograms and bar graphs (n = 6) showing the blocking of CTB binding to murine (wt or KO) cells by either pre-treating the cells with lectins or pre-treating CTB with sugars. For panel <b>(C)</b> significance was calculated using paired t-test and for <b>(D-E)</b> one-way-ANOVA was used with Tukey correction (*** = p<0,005, **** = p<0,0001).</p>