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InGeO: The Integrated Geoscience Observatory: Towards computational reproducibility in geospace science

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posted on 03.02.2020 by Asti Bhatt, Valentic, Todd, ashton reimer, Lamarche, Leslie, pablo reyes, Cosgrove, Russell
Geoscientists arrive at scientific results by analyzing observations from a diverse set of instrumentation and often assimilate them into a model. Effective collaboration between scientists can be hampered when they are using different resources, resulting in a lengthy and laborious process. Individual researchers need to assemble many of the community resources on their own before they can conduct successful research or get credit for their work. The Integrated Geoscience Observatory (InGeO) project tackles the problem of seamless collaboration between geoscientists by creating a platform where the data from disparate instruments can be brought together with software tools for data interpretation provided by the instrument operators.

The primary goals of the InGeO project are to:
1. Provide tools that make it easy for geospace researchers to collaborate, share work, reproduce results, and build on tools that have already been developed.
2. Educate the geospace community on best practices for software development and data archiving to ensure data and the tools needed to work with it are available to a broad range of researchers in the community with minimal barriers to entry.

Our solution to the first goal has been Resen - a tool to enable reproducibility and collaboration. Resen allows community developed toolkits to be easily accessed and creates a convenient mechanism for researchers to save and share their results along with the analysis that produced them. Resen is written in Python and uses Docker containers. The current software packages in Resen allow you to access common geospace data sources including MANGO, Madrigal and SuperDARN. We plan to add functionality for other data sources in the future releases.


NSF OAC-1835573 CSSI Elements: Software: Integrated Geoscience Observatory