CRAWDAD wireless network data citation bibliography

2015-01-02T17:07:16Z (GMT) by Tristan Henderson David Kotz
<p>This BibTeX file contains the corpus of papers that cite CRAWDAD wireless network datasets, as used in the paper:</p> <p>Tristan Henderson and David Kotz. Data citation practices in the CRAWDAD wireless network data archive. Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Linking and Contextualizing Publications and Datasets, London, UK, September 2014.</p> <p>Most of the fields are standard BibTeX fields. There are two that require further explanation.</p> <p>"citations" - this field contains the citations for a paper as counted<br>by Google Scholar as of 24 September 2014.</p> <p>"keywords" - this field contains a set of tags indicating data citation practice. These are as follows:<br>- "uses_crawdad_data" - this paper uses a CRAWDAD dataset<br>- "cites_insufficiently" - this paper does not meet our sufficiency criteria<br>- "cites_by_description" - this paper cites a dataset by description rather than dataset identifier<br>- "cites_canonical_paper" - this paper cites the original ("canonical") paper that collected a dataset, rather than pointing to the dataset<br>- "cites_by_name" - this paper cites a dataset by a colloquial name rather than dataset identifier<br>- "cites_crawdad_url" - this paper cites the main CRAWDAD URL rather than a particular dataset<br>- "cites_without_url" - this paper does not provide a URL for dataset access<br>- "cites_wrong_attribution" - this paper attributes a dataset to CRAWDAD, Dartmouth etc rather than the dataset authors<br>- "cites_vaguely" - this paper cites the used datasets (if any) too vaguely to be sufficient</p> <p>If you have any questions about the data, please contact us at<br></p> <p> </p>