CD73 does not influence Th17 differentiation <i>in vitro</i>.

2017-03-13T17:28:57Z (GMT) by Gerard Hernandez-Mir Mandy J. McGeachy
<p>A, B: CD4<sup>+</sup> T cells from WT or CD73<sup>-/-</sup> mice were cultured under Th0 (top panels) or Th17 (lower panels) differentiating conditions for three days, then expression of IL-17 (A) and RORγt (B) were analyzed. C. Expression of FoxP3 in WT and CD73<sup>-/-</sup> Th0 (top panel) and Tregs (lower panel) at day 3 of differentiation. Numbers indicate mean % +/- S.D. of gated cells (n = 2), representative of three independent experiments with similar results.</p>