Building software, building community: lessons from the ROpenSci project

<p>(This is a WSSSPE 2 proposed contribution, see</p> <p> </p> <p>rOpenSci is a developer collective originally formed in 2011 by<br>graduate students and post-docs from ecology and evolutionary biology<br>to collaborate on building software tools to facilitate a more open<br>and synthetic approach in the face of transformative rise of large<br>and heterogeneous data. Born on the internet (the collective only<br>began through chance discussions over social media), we have grown<br>into a widely recognized effort that supports an ecosystem of some 45<br>software packages, engages scores of collaborators, has taught dozens<br>of workshops around the world, and has secured over $480,000 in grant<br>support. As young scientists working in an academic context largely<br>without direct support for our efforts, we have first hand experience<br>with most of the the technical and social challenges WSSSPE seeks to<br>address. In this paper we provide an experience report which focuses<br>on two elements: (a) our approach and success in building an effective<br>and diverse community and (b) an overview of our software development<br>model.</p> <p> </p>



CC BY 4.0