British Library dawn chorus species annotations (bldawn)

2014-05-13T14:46:14Z (GMT) by Dan Stowell

This dataset presents in machine-readable format the species labelling for 60 sound recordings of dawn chorus atmospheres. The audio was recorded, annotated and donated to the British Library Sound Archive (BLSA) by three recordists (each represented by 20 recordings in this collection): Richard Beard, Richard Margoschis and Phil Riddett. The files we give here do not include the audio files - these need to be requested from the BLSA. Our files are CSV files which indicate the "wavfilename" (corresponding to the filenames used by the BLSA, except that we have used the file extension ".flac" rather than the original ".wav"), and then the presence or absence of each of 77 British bird species, as a table with "1" for presence and blank for absence.



CC BY 4.0