British (GB) postcode polygons for area and district levels

2018-03-28T13:33:38Z (GMT) by Mike Spencer
Postcode area and district polygons derived from Ordnance Survey Open Data using R and GRASS. Method used was creating voronoi polygons from point postcode data and dissolving boundaries based on postcode area and district attributes.<br><br>Contains OS data © Crown Copyright [and database right] (2018)<br><br>File descriptions:<br><b>postcode_polygons.gpkg</b>: geopackage file containing area and district level polygons.<br><b>postcode_aggregator.R</b>: R script to extract area and district from full postcode.<br><b></b>: GRASS/Bash script to convert point postcode data into polygons.<br><b>postcode_overview.png</b>: image of polygons available.<br>