Bold Signals 2.20: Human Enterprises with Deborah Blum

2016-08-30T05:09:41Z (GMT) by John Borghi
After 20 episodes and 23 guests we've finally reached the end of season two! But, before we go on sabbatical, we've got one more episode-featuring an interview with fantastic science writer and Pulitzer Prize winning science journalist Deborah Blum. In our interview we discuss literally burning out of a career in chemistry, structuring narratives about science, and about the taxonomy of professions and activities that fall under the term "science communication".<br><br><div>Links and show notes:</div><br>Deborah Online:<br>Deborah on Twitter:<br>Undark Magazine:<br>Bold Signals on Twitter:<br>Bold Signals on Tumblr:<div><br><b>Music in this Episode:<br></b><br>“Enterprise 1” by Languis<br>"Still" by Skipless<br>"You Don't Know it Yet" by Moosefrog<br>"You and Me" by Gone X3<br><br>Cover Art: Pierre and Marie Curie in the lab.</div>