Bold Signals 02.04: Partially Psychodynamic with Katie Thorpe Blaha

2016-02-27T23:29:55Z (GMT) by John Borghi
<div>We ring in 2016 by striking up a conversation with psychologist Katie Thorpe Blaha that covers everything from clinical psychology training and office feng shui to the value of adding a smidgen of psychodynamics to evidence-based interventions and the difficulty of doing research with human participants.<div><p>Bold Signals on Twitter: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a><br>Bold Signals on Tumblr:<br></p><p>Links and show notes:<br></p><p>Music in this episode:</p><p>"Enterprise 1" by Languis<br>"One Fine Day" by The Insider<br>"Emo Step Show" by The Custodian of Records<br>"The Insider Theme" by The Insider<br>"If" by Broke For Free</p><p>Cover Art: "Portrait of Kitty" by Lucian Freud</p></div> </div>