Body Worn Computers: Smart Glasses, eGlass and In-sight Mediated Vision

2017-12-06T08:57:30Z (GMT) by Alexander Hayes
This data paper provides a limited overview by example only of body worn cameras, body worn video (BWV), smart glasses, heads up display (HUD), in-sight head mounted display (HMD) augmented and mixed reality technologies that are currently available as restricted, commercially available or public access. Within the context of this research virtual reality head mounted displays (HMD) such as the Oculus Rift, Fove VR or Google Cardboard are not included in this assay, nor are complete vision mediate reality (CMVR) devices technologies, nor digital corneal implants. Links are not provided to manufacturers or resellers as this document serves only as an indication of the range of device types available at the point of publication.