Body Conformation and Internal Organs Characteristics of Different Commercial Broiler Lines

<div><p>ABSTRACT The aim of the study was to determine body weight and dimensions, body conformation, length of the esophagus, length of intestine and its segments, as well as weight of internal organs and their proportions relative the body weight of broiler chickens from three commercial lines - Ross 308, Hubbard Flex and Hubbard F15. At the age of 42 days, Ross 308 chickens had significantly (p≤0.05) shorter trunk, but greater chest circumference and compactness index, as well as shorter esophagus and longer large intestine compared with Hubbard F15. The longest large and total intestine was found in Ross 308 broilers. Chicken genotype had no significant effect on the percentage of the main internal organs, i.e. liver, heart, proventriculus, gizzard, and spleen. In the analyzed broilers, the coefficients of correlation between body weight and dimensions and the length of the esophagus, small intestine, caeca and large intestine were low and not significant. This study provides information relevant to breeding practice, including that the development of internal organs in broiler chickens raised under intensive conditions has an effect on their meat characteristics.</p></div>