Biologically inspired designs for restoring power transmission after an electromagnetic pulse attack

2015-07-21T02:53:29Z (GMT) by Daniel Himmelstein
<p>Several Congressional Commissions have highlighted the dangers of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the American homeland. Recent evidence suggests that several adversaries are interested in the potential damage an electromagnetic attack could wreak on critical national infrastructure and are pursuing the necessary capabilities to stage an EMP strike on the United States. A properly executed EMP strike could destroy electronic systems bringing the power grid to a halt. The ability to restore electricity is of crucial important to critical national infrastructure and minimizing the economic and fatality fallout. This study proposes a novel method using slime mold for designing power grid reconstruction efforts in the aftermath of an EMP attack. Using slime mold as the architect for network design holds several advantages to the traditional human planning approach which may be of vital importance in light of the effects from an electromagnetic attack.</p>