Biochemical and radical-scavenging properties of sea cucumber (<i>Stichopus vastus</i>) collagen hydrolysates

<div><p>The molecular mass distribution, amino acid composition and radical-scavenging activity of collagen hydrolysates prepared from collagen isolated from the sea cucumber <i>Stichopus vastus</i> were investigated. β and α<sub>1</sub> chains of the collagen were successfully hydrolysed by trypsin. The molecular mass distribution of the hydrolysates ranged from 5 to 25 kDa, and they were rich in glycine, alanine, glutamate, proline and hydroxyproline residues. The hydrolysates exhibited excellent radical-scavenging activity. These results indicate that collagen hydrolysates from <i>S. vastus</i> can be used as a functional ingredient in food and nutraceutical products.</p></div>