Bioactive compounds content and their biological properties of acetone extract of <i>Cuscuta reflexa</i> Roxb. grown on various host plants

<p>The present study is aimed to evaluate the total phenolic and flavonoid contents, and free phenolic compounds of acetone extract of <i>Cuscuta reflexa</i> grown on five different hosts: <i>Coccinia grandis</i>, <i>Ficus racemosa</i>, <i>Samanea saman</i>, <i>Streblus asper</i> and <i>Zollingeria dongnaiensis</i>, and to explore the antioxidant activities, α-glucosidase and tyrosinase inhibitory properties of the extracts. The highest level of total phenolic and flavonoid contents were observed in the extract of <i>C. reflexa</i> that was grown on <i>S. asper</i> (65.45 mg GAE/g extract) and <i>C. grandis</i> (97.83 mg QE/g extract), respectively. According to HPLC results, vanillic acid, rutin and quercetin were found in all extracts of <i>C. reflexa</i> grown on diversified hosts. The extract of <i>C. reflexa</i> grown on <i>C. grandis</i> possessed the greatest antioxidant activities (DPPH; 251.64 μg/mL, FRAP; 26.44 mg GAE/g extract), α-glucosidase inhibition accounted for 84.36 per cent and antityrosinase activity was at 18.29 mg KAE/g sample.</p>