Bikeinformatics: A Sensing Infrastructure with Two-Wheel Vehicles and its Application for Intelligent Transportation System with Information Science and Technologies

2016-10-01T00:00:22Z (GMT) by Tomoya Kitani
In this paper, we introduce a project to achieve a sensing infrastructure with motorcycles for developing intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for motorcycles.<br>Collected data from the project can be used not only for traffic safety and effectiveness but also for analyzing motorcycle dynamics.<br>Such data can be used for various purpose.<br>We also introduce some application that utilize the data.<br>Then, as a sensing system for a motorcycle, we propose a reasonable prototype that consists of low cost MEMS sensors, and we also propose a measurement method to correct the sensors' error by integrated the sensors' output.<br>Through the experiment with a real motorcycle equipped with both precise measurement devices and the proposed system, we have confirmed that the accuracy of the proposed system is better than the original IMUs' output.