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Benefits and challenges of incorporating citizen science into university education - Fig 1

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posted on 01.11.2017 by Nicola Mitchell, Maggie Triska, Andrea Liberatore, Linden Ashcroft, Richard Weatherill, Nancy Longnecker

(a) Students on a ClimateWatch trail on the Crawley campus of the University of Western Australia; (b) students conducting research for the Journal Project; (c) the UWA Crawley Trail map where indicator species are introduced to students; (d) the submission screen on ClimateWatch’s smartphone app; and (e) a summary schema of ClimateWatch activities and the Journal Project.The orange box indicates the responsibility for collection of phenological data on local plants and animals, which has occurred since 2011, and white boxes show the components of the Journal Project, which were added from 2012. Asterisks indicate where feedback was given from subject editors (formative assessment) and where mark components were awarded.