Being there: exploring the experiential aspects of walking through the Australian landscape

2017-05-15T06:45:24Z (GMT) by Buscombe, Alice
The feeling of connectedness to one's sensations, mind and the surrounding environment is acute while walking. My project considers the feeling of immersion while bush walking and examines how this can be evoked in an artwork. I use photography and video to create artworks that consider and translate to the audience my own embodied experiences while walking through remote locations in the Australian environment. I am particularly interested in the unspectacular scenes that I encounter, as these are the places that are most characteristic of where I find myself bush walking. I am not interested in producing beautiful photographs of aesthetically pleasing or overly romanticised landscapes. Rather, I want to create embodied impressions where the viewer gets absorbed in the physical experience of walking, and becomes connected to the landscape in a non-hierarchical way.