Beads convolution/deconvolution simulation

2014-04-18T00:40:22Z (GMT) by Brian Northan
<p>Simulation of beads acquired with a 100x / 1.4 NA objective, the pixel size is 65 nm and the Z spacing is 200 nm. This is a simple "pixelated" simulation. Beads were 3 to 4 voxels laterally and 1 voxel axially. They were convolved with a PSF generated using the above parameters and assuming an embedding media of RI=1.4 and a depth below coverslip of 1 micron.</p> <p>Simulated phantom was convolved with PSF to produce a simluated "image", then deconvolved with 200 iterations of noncirculant Richardson Lucy.</p> <p>Low level code was written in Java (deconvolution, psf generation).  High level code was written in Jython and can be found here -</p>