Beaded streams: A case study in the Blackstone Uplands, Yukon Canada.

2018-01-14T05:19:58Z (GMT) by Emma Ciric Pascale Roy-léveillée
<div><b>Ciric, E</b>, Roy-Leveillee, P (2017) Beaded Streams: A case study in the Blackstone Uplands, Yukon, Canada. Canadian Association of Geographers 2017: Towards a Just and Sustainable World, May 29-June2, 2017, Toronto, ON.<br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>Abstract:</div><div>Beaded streams are a type of thermokarst expression resulting from ice wedge degradation found on gently</div><div>sloping terrain. They have been studied in Arctic ecosystems underlain by continuous permafrost. This research</div><div>examined beaded streams in the Blackstone Uplands (YT), a sub-arctic tundra landscape of the discontinuous</div><div>permafrost zone. Analysis of beaded streams on satellite imagery and aerial photography taken in the 1950s</div><div>indicated that beaded stream development is closely linked to the degradation of ice wedge polygon networks,</div><div>and results in can result in pronounced changes in vegetation cover as beaded streams mature. In July 2016, a</div><div>beaded stream from this study area was visited in the field to determine its depth as well as physical observations.</div>