BcPro40 was identified as a scaffold protein for the MAPK cassette of the CWI pathway in <i>B</i>. <i>cinerea</i>.

<p>(A) Structure sketches of BcPro40 used for the yeast two-hybrid analysis. (B) Yeast two-hybrid analysis of interaction of the MAP kinsese of CWI pathway or the PAS kinase BcRim15 with BcPro40 or BcPro40 derivatives. Yeast cells (10<sup>6</sup> cells ml<sup>–1</sup>) transferred with bait and prey constructs indicated in the figure were drop-plated on SD-Leu-Trp-His plates. A pair of plasmids pGBKT7-53 and pGADT7 was used as a positive control. A pair of plasmids pGBKT7-Lam and pGADT7 was used as a negative control. Empty squares indicate that interactions were not tested.</p>