Bauer, J.E., and Stigall, A.L. 2014. Phylogenetic paleobiogeography of Late Ordovician Laurentian brachiopods. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences, 63(4): 189-194. doi: 10.3176/earth.2014.17

posted on 09.12.2014 by Alycia Stigall

Supplementary Table 1. Vicariance and Geodispersal Matrices.


Supplementary Figure 1. Species-level evolutionary relationships of Glyptorthis Foerste, 1914, Plaesiomys Hall & Clarke, 1892, Hebertella Hall & Clarke, 1892, and Eochonetes Foerste, 1912 scaled to time after Wright and Stigall (2013a) and Bauer and Stigall (in review). Solid lines indicate stratigraphic occurrences of species. Ghost lineages are represented by the dotted lines. The numbers correspond to code used in the Lieberman-modified Brooks Parsimony Analysis matrices. Time 2 begins at the M4 – M5 depositional boundary and includes all species with cladogenetic events above the line. Timescale modified from Holland & Patzkowsky (1996).