Bath for dependent patients: theorizing aspects of nursing care in rehabilitation

<div><p>ABSTRACT Objective: to produce a reflective essay on what has been produced in relation to bath as a procedure related to nursing care and diagnosis for dependent patients undergoing mediate and immediate rehabilitation processes after a traumatic event. Method: discursive, reflective study supported by classical content analysis consisting of the following stages: a) reading of the texts in their most comprehensive form; b) emphasizing the relevant elements produced about bathing; c) reflection on texts and what is produced about bathing. Results: the texts point out to three categories for nursing practice and reflection: Meaning to patients on the purposes of bathing; Representation for nurses in the work process; Representation for nurses in the management of care and nursing care planning. Conclusion: the reflection points out understandings on bathing as a care focused on the autonomy of nursing rehabilitation patients, requiring further investigations.</p></div>