Base-Mediated Biginelli-Like Reaction Ignited by Aromatic Isocyanate: A Facile One-Pot Synthesis of <i>N</i><sup>4</sup>-Aryl-5-carboxyl-6-methyl Cytimidine Derivatives

<div><p></p><p>The new three-component Biginelli reaction of aromatic isocyanate, ethyl acetoacetate, and substituted urea (or thiourea as well as guanidine) is described for the first time. In this reaction, <i>N</i><sup>4</sup>-aryl-5-carboxyl-6-methyl cytimidine derivatives were obtained in moderate to excellent yields by employing DBU as a highly effective catalyst. This methodology provides several advantages such as good functional group tolerance, excellent yields, atom efficiency, and experimental simplicity.</p> </div>