Replication files for "Between Ballots and Bullets: Executive Competitiveness and Civil War Incidence, 1976-2000"

2014-11-02T23:13:12Z (GMT) by Danilo Freire
<p><strong>Abstract</strong></p> <p>Civil War is the most important form of collective violence of our time. Although recent research has yielded some determining elements to civil war, the influence of political factors on internal conflicts remains disputed. This study analyzes, by means of statistics regression, the correlation between the competitiveness in the Executive Branch and the incidence of civil war from 1976 to 2000. The findings indicate that both single-candidate and multi-party elections reduce the incidence of civil war. Furthermore, the results lend support to the hypotheses put forward by recent literature that mountainous terrain, large population, centralized political system, and the existence of former conflicts significantly heighten the risk of incidence of civil war.</p> <p>Keywords: civil wars, executive branch, political regimes, elections</p>