Bacterial clearance by antibiotic treatment in the lung

Mice infected intranasally with YS001, YS002, YS005, YS008, YS009, or YS010 were intragastically administered AMP, AZM, CLR, CFPN-PI, LVX (100 mg/kg/day), or methylcellulose (control) once (AZM) or three times (AMP, CLR, CFPN-PI, LVX, and methylcellulose) daily for three days after infection. On day 4 after infection, the mice were harvested, and bacterial loads were determined in lung homogenates. Data represent the means ± SD of five mice per group. *, < 0.05 (compared with control). **, < 0.01 (compared with control). ND, not detected.

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Taken from "Comparative efficacies of different antibiotic treatments to eradicate nontypeable infection"

BMC Infectious Diseases 2008;8():15-15.

Published online 7 Feb 2008