BRAIN Journal - Questions Regarding Alterity in Social Collaborative Networks - Figure 2. Workflow in Collaborative Portals

2017-10-13T06:55:41Z (GMT) by Cosmin Ion Tomozei Florinela Floria
<div>In Figure 2 [7]. there is a clear image about how each of the benefficiaries</div><div>interact with the educational portal. As we have mentioned before, depending on the job, rights and reputation, every member of</div><div>the collaborative virtual team interacts with the system. He is a beneficiary of the results provided</div><div>by the system, which allows cooperation with his colleagues. Common tasks are greatly achieved</div><div>and the duration [8] between the decision of realizing a task decreases significantly.</div><div>As a complementary theory alongside the software systems constructivism may be seen as a</div><div>way to improve the efficiency of the education process, and guides the students, helped by the</div><div>collaborative portal into building their knowledge with their own instruments.</div>