BRAIN Journal - Intelligent Agent for Acquisition of the Mother Tongue Vocabulary - Figure 1. Associations between objects and words

2017-10-13T06:49:19Z (GMT) by Bogdan Pătruţ Grigor Moldovan
<div>Figure 1. Associations between objects and words <br></div><div><br></div><div>"Now we observe that there are two arrows from the word cup and the object cup, and the chance that the idea of cup is represented by the word cup is, probabilistically speaking, greater than other chances. Of course, we cannot draw conclusions only after two examples. But, of course, the</div><div>correspondence between the concept of cup and the word cup will increase, if the word cup occurs many times when the mother shows a cup to her child, even she also shows other objects and she tells him about other things as well, using other words. "</div>