Automated Image Analysis of Hodgkin Lymphoma

<p>Hodgkin lymphoma is an unusual type of lymphoma, arising from malignant B-cells. Morphological and immunohistochemical features<br>of malignant cells and their distribution differ from other cancer types. Based on systematic tissue image analysis, computer-aided exploration<br>can provide new insights into Hodgkin lymphoma pathology.</p> <p>Here, we report results from an image analysis of CD30 immunostained classical Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL) tissue section images. We have imple-<br>mented an automatic procedure to handle and explore image data in Aperio's SVS format. We use pre-processing approaches to separate the image<br>objects from the background, then select regions of interest and split the large images into tiles. Then, we use a CellProfiler pipeline to detect primary objects. Therefore, the images are split into their color stains using a color deconvolution approach. By setting a threshold in the CD30 stain image we identify CD30 positive cells and compute their shape descriptors. We label the cells based on size, elongation and compactness. We present results for a small set of nodular sclerosis, mixed type and non-lymphoma images.</p> <p> </p>